Kota Stone

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Kota Stone is a fine-grained assortment of limestone, quarried at Kota area, Rajasthan, India. Many mines are situated in or close to the town of Ramganj Mandi and in the Kota locale.

The rich greenish-blue and dark colored shades of this stone are prevalent. Different hues are dark, pink, dim, and beige. It is a phenomenal building stone.

It is for the most part utilized for outsides, pathways, passages, carports, overhangs, business structures and so on. It isn’t appropriate for use in substance enterprises as any unintentional spilling or grating material outcomes in staining of the ground surface.

A drop of lemon juice can result in white fixes on the floor even after it is cleaned, so this kind of stone is a poor decision for utilizing in private settings where unplanned spilling of regular family things like soft drinks, colas, juices, or any gentle acidic or basic substances are probably going to occur.